Over the past 30 plus years in my carrier in the mortgage business, I have owned and operated a multi-state 65+ employee company. This is where I learned all aspect of running a business and the facets of the mortgage industry from originating loans, processing, underwriting, funding, servicing, selling closed loans and all points in between. My career started as a REALTOR® and when a deal fell apart because my buyer's application was declined I needed to find out how and why this would never happen again.


I went to work for a mortgage company and learned how to qualify a buyer and was able to show them properties working as a REALTOR® and loan officer. My young age was offset by my knowledge of the deal and truly is a one-stop contact point to answer all questions and provide a smooth closing for all involved. This top-quality service opened the door for many happy clients referring me to their friends and family. Rules and changes forced a decision to pick one career, not two. After running my company for 10+ years it became clear the lawmakers didn’t want small mortgage companies and basically forced us out of business. I went on to work for the largest firms, WAMU and Countrywide, where I was a top producer.


Managing and originating, I made a decision to stay in front of the deal as a loan officer. After the crash, it was hard to find a company who could close loans in a timely fashion. I ended up with PRMI as they did and do have the ability to close a wide product line quickly without the headache I see with other companies.


Over the years I have originated loans for the first time home buyer, the self-employed small business owner, the entrepreneur with the most complicated tax returns, professional athletes, celebrities, the wealthiest buying second, third, even fifth homes, one-percenter setting up trusts for family retreats.


I have helped thousands realize their dreams. I have the experience and knowledge to help you realize your dreams, too. You will always be able to reach me and know exactly where your application is at during the process. I pride myself on giving you the contact access you need!


My hobbies and interests include anything with an engine and speed: snowmobiling, motorcycles, auto racing at Lime Rock, offshore power boat racing, ATV, etc. My non-engine activities include: Tae Kwon Do, skiing, mountain bike riding, soccer, fishing off shore and in local streams, cooking (and eating), and billiards.

Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS# 231541




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