Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS# 402574


(860) 581-3477

Charles and his wife Marily MacKinnon reside in the charming Historic Marine Village of Essex, CT.  Living at home is Lily, their Jill Russell. Favorite activities include golf, boating, gardening, music and fine dining.


Charles has been in the Financial Advisory business for thirty plus years. After early retirement from Xerox as Director of Sales for the XRC (Xerox Reproduction Centers) Division ,he became a successful Real Estate Syndicator completing two multiple single family residential home developments, one in Nantucket, Massachusetts; and the second, in Canandaigua, New York.


In the early nineties, as a Stock Broker with Merrill lynch he first experienced the pleasure and satisfaction of providing professional services in the financial Markets. In the most recent  twenty years, he has worked as a Financial Advisor for both American Express and MetLife before deciding to specialize in the loan origination business.


Charles feels that a career specializing in Home Mortgage Originations working with the highly regarded Warshaw Capital Team is something he is well qualified and eager to do. Charles welcomes you to work with him and looks forward to meeting you personally.